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PT. Duta Pramantara
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PT. Duta Pramantara
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  • The Best Solution for Expatriates
  • Stay Permit For Foreign Worker (KITAS)

    Work Permit of Foreign Worker (IKTA)

    License Permits to make a company (Local Stakeholder and Foreign Stakeholder)

    VISA, TDP, API-U, APIT, SKT Migas, etc.
  • We help you getting a working permit, a business visa, and provide all other information needed for successful investment in our beautiful country Indonesia.
  • We have a long time experience with legal issues in Indonesia.


Our Company tries to provide the best service to satisfy client's needs, by always keeping up with our main values of professionalism and integrity. Supported by 20 human resources we are well trained and competence. Satisfaction, accountable and on time are our priority to service our client.

Jl. Asem Gede Utara.
Utan Kayu Selatan no 2
Jakarta Timur 13120
Jawa Barat, Indonesia.

Phone. (+62) 218569244 /
(+62) 218563653 / (+62) 218573457
Fax. (+62) 218507546